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About Us

Welcome to BWS Online Emporium,

I have always been someone who likes to keep up on trends, beta test the latest gadgets, and develop systems to save me time and money.  My friends and family come to me and ask "What xxx should I buy?" or "Can you find me the best deal for xxx ?" or "Can you help me with xxx ?"  My name is Will and I get teased for always getting the most for the least, so I started "Big Willie Style" = BWS.

In my store, I take my love of gadgets, electronics, jewelry, clothes, tech, movies, sports, cats/animals and what I use/buy in my own life and share it with others.  

Thanks for visiting our site!  Sign up for our newsletter, email us with questions or product suggestions, but most of all, make the most out of your life everyday :)

BWS aka Will